For Joe Canosa, helping people get the best possible HVAC system – and educating them in the process – is just his way of doing business. "It is often assumed that the only business mission is to make money," Joe said. "It isn't ours. Our mission is to make sure we provide the best service and installation possible. Our customers expect that what we sell or repair functions and works well, and that's our bottom line. It's with this attitude that we can build our business, and at the end of the day take great pride in the work we have done."

Joe explained that Mt Kisco Mechanical Service Corp is his family's business and one that he has been a part of since childhood. "In my early years, I worked as a helper in the summer and on weekends. Our conversation at the dinner table was very much directed to what went on that day at work," he said. Joe attended college in pursuit of a degree in mechanical engineering, still working at the family business during vacations. After receiving his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, he started working for Mt Kisco Mechanical Service Corp full time.

Even while working, Joe continued his education, eventually completing his Masters degree, as well as obtaining his license in Professional Engineering. He has been running Mt Kisco Mechanical Service Corp for more than 14 years, since his parents' retirement. As one would expect, Joe places a great emphasis on the education of his employees.

"As a business, you have to be willing to train your people, and that takes time, effort and money," he said, adding that by fully training his employees, they are happier and more confident in their abilities. "We all have to work, but isn't it better to enjoy where you work, feel you are a part of something, and have pride in what you accomplish? This is always our goal at Mt Kisco Mechanical Service Corp. It's not always easy to find the right people to be part of the team, but it is very rewarding."

In order to grow his business, which consists of 17 employees and nine work vehicles, Joe has relied on the Carrier brand since 1982. "We chose Carrier for the quality and expanse of the product line, great sales support, and a great group of technical service people who, over the years, I feel that I have been very blessed to know." As a reward for the service they provide, their team was rewarded this year by winning the Carrier Presidential Award.

Joe added that Factory Authorized Parts are also an important element in his business success. "Anyone can buy a new product, but it's also important that they know that in the future there are reliable parts available to keep it going. And that's what Factory Authorized Parts provides."

From the HVAC technicians under his employ to the Carrier territory managers that help facilitate his company, Joe acknowledges the importance of teamwork in all aspects of his business. "The bottom line to anyone's success is not the individual, but the team as a whole," he said. "It starts with the people who answer the phone and goes right on down the line to the people who look at the job, fabricate the ductwork, install the equipment, start up the equipment and maintain the equipment. It's not just one person who is responsible for making the project a success," he said.